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16 October 2017

5 things that the best cyclists do in autumn

It might seem that fall is the least significant time of the year in the training cycle. Nothing more wrong
31 October 2017

Don‘t be afraid of weights!

Strength training in endurance sports has been treated negligently for years. Typically, cyclists or triathletes performed circuit training on machines in the range of 15-20 repetitions […]
15 November 2017

Your goal and its implementation – 6 proven methods!

There are various ways to achieve a sports goal. Sometimes it is possible to tick the intended task, but more often our plans end faster than […]
5 December 2017

Have you lost your motivation to train and you want to get it back? Try these 7 effective methods!

There is a thin layer of dust on your bike, and you can see a few kilos more on your scale? The only contact you have […]