Privacy Policy


What information about the users is collected by the website and how can it be used?

The website will use (as well as collect information) about its clients only to the extent that it is necessary to provide services at the highest level. Among other things, to: inform your clients about products and services offered by our Website. None of the above information will be passed on to third parties for purposes other than necessary to perform the order / service, etc.

The IP addresses of our users are used in such cases as: diagnosis of problems related to the work of our server / analysis of security breaches or in connection with the management of our website. An IP address can also be used to collect or identify demographic data of people who visit our website. In special cases, we may allow the preparation of aggregate reports / general thematic lists that will be disclosed to third parties (the statements provided do not contain data allowing identification of Website users).

Occasionally, the website uses “cookies” which are used to facilitate the use of our website resources. “Cookies” contain useful information and are stored on the user’s computer – our server can read them when you reconnect to this computer. Disabling “cookies” in the browser does not deprive the user of access to the resources of our website. The website uses cookies to provide content that best suits our clients’ interests and for other purposes (eg determining the ranking of the most viewed and purchased products).

How do we use the information from the order forms, surveys and participants of competitions carried out at

Our service uses the order form, which allows our clients to place orders for information and services. These forms allow you to collect contact information from people visiting us (such as e-mail addresses and contact numbers of users’ phones). The information that comes from the order forms is used to fulfill orders, send information about our company and promotional materials. Customers’ contact information is also used to make contact with them when it is necessary (eg in case of confirmation of an order). Users have the option to opt out of receiving e-mails from us. Customer contact information is also used to contact them when necessary.


The website is equipped with security measures to protect data under our control from loss, misuse or modification. We undertake to protect all information disclosed to us by customers in accordance with security and confidentiality standards. The access rights to the personal data of website users have been limited in a restrictive way so that this information is not in the hands of unauthorized persons. Only a limited number of authorized employees of Way2Champ Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością spółka komandytowa have access to personal and address data on terms compliant with the regulation of the Minister of Interior and Administration of June 3, 1998 (Journal of Laws No. 80, Regulation No. 521).

How can you inform us about the change of data?

After logging into the system and selecting the Data section, you can make changes or delete your personal data collected during registration and used to log into the system and send the Newsletter. You have the right to request information about you, as well as the right to request a change, block or delete this data, as well as the right to rectify errors, supplement or update your data. Please contact us for this purpose at:

Choice of options / resignation from our services

The website offers users the opportunity to opt out of receiving any information from us, as soon as we ask for personal data of visitors. Our site gives users several options to remove information about themselves from our database, which allows us to stop receiving information sent via e-mails or resignation from our services. You can do this by following the instructions attached to the content of the messages we send by sending an e-mail to


Users who have additional questions about this privacy statement, the practices used on this site, or how to maintain contacts with them, are invited to send their comments to