and 110% coach involvement in your progress> the fastest results

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Individually created plan + contact

Updating once a week, but in case of emergency, the plan is adjusted day by day (+ analysis of ongoing training). We rely on the UCI training standards - the International Cycling Union based in Switzerland. We contact you by phone, e-mail and live if it is possible f.e. during our training camps.
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Tests plan and analysis

The trainer regularly plans to perform fitness tests and medical / performance tests, then analyzes and discusses them with you. Thanks to the conclusions drawn, you know where you stand, and the trainer can effectively adjust your training.
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Training Peaks Premium

We work on the Training Peaks platform and the price includes a Premium account (if you have it, we will deduct this amount from our monthly fee). If you decide to terminate the cooperation, the account and all trainings on it are 100% for you.
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Simple agreement

We sign an electronic contract, there is a 1-month notice without giving reasons. Payment is made through recurring payments for the convenience of both parties. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Is this a package only for the strongest?
No, you can choose this package for both beginner and advanced level. The trainer gives you full attention here, so the effects are greatest and fastest, regardless of the level. The people who work with us are most often company owners, managers and specialists who have a very limited time and want to use it 100%, entrusting their form to cycling training professionals.
2What happens after I buy a plan?
We call you, you will receive a form to fill in, in which you describe your current level, goals, time and equipment availability. The trainer then analyzes the form and all other training data and compiles the first training plan.
3Do I have to remember each workout to do it correctly?
No - each workout can be downloaded to Garmin, Wahoo, Zwift and other devices, and on the screen you will see step by step instructions on what to do and at what pace.
4How do I change workouts in the schedule if I miss one?
The trainer does it each time for you, just ask him. You can also do it yourself if you want and the trainer will then worry about how to plan the rest.
5How do I understand plan terminology, zone designations, intensities, etc.?
Everything is explained to you by the trainer, step by step, no matter what level of advancement you start.
6Do I train with a live trainer in this option?
Yes, you can come to your coach (or make an appointment in a given place individually) and work on your riding technique, get to know each other better and train together.
7Is there a long-term contract?
No, we sign an electronic contract with a 1-month notice period.
8How can I access my trainer?
Unlimited, limited only by common sense. Phone, whatsapp, messenger, email, live meeting - all options are available for your convenience.
9Which coach will guide me?
Our team includes several coaches, each of whom has extensive (at least 10 years) experience in cycling, both as a competitor and a coach. Based on the conversation, your goals and specialization, we will select the best coach for you. Each coach has a limited number of players with whom he works at once - this was the main goal of creating a coaching team, so as not to go big and not lose the quality of service.
10What does dietary care and a sports psychologist look like?
It is possible to cooperate with a sports nutritionist. The price is 150 € per month and includes: contact with a dietitian, assessment of the athlete's nutritional status, writing out a new diet plan every 7 days with recipes and a shopping list, tailored to the trainings previously written by the trainer at Training Peaks. It is possible to work with a sports psychologist. The price is 190 € per month additionally and includes: contact with a psychologist, 1 Zoom session per month, tasks to be done, progress analysis. Sections for work: assessment of mental strengths and weaknesses, motivation, setting and achieving goals, visualization, fear of competition, fear of failure.