7 September 2021

7 Best Habits of Succesful Cyclists

7 September 2021
Ronald Kuba

From Amateur to National Champion

17 December 2020

5 ways to go international for junior/U23 riders

For several years I raced in the Polish club WLKS Krakus from Cracow with Rafał Majka, who is now a recognized World Tour cyclist. During this […]
16 March 2020

How to train in the coronavirus world?

Coronavirus has affected and affects many aspects of life, including cycling training. Cycling and physical exercises give the head a respite and a kind of safety […]
17 June 2019

Beskidy MTB Trophy 2019 – Strava Cup

Welcome to Beskidy MTB Trophy 2019 Strava Cup! In partnership with Beskidy Trophy MTB we had created one segment for each stage – the same one […]
15 March 2019

Strength Training for Road Cycling Success – beginner’s guide

Lifting tons of iron, pumping the biceps and shaping the chest for the summer season – these are a few things that come to our minds […]
15 March 2019

In search of Life/Training balance

Is triathlon, cycling or long-distance running for everyone? Usually, the answer is YES! Of course, a healthy, moderately active person is able to complete an Ironman […]
14 February 2018

What to eat and drink during workouts? 10 TOP products

By Mateusz Gawelczyk, sports nutritionist, www.cezis.pl What to eat and drink during exercise? This question seems to be looming large in many amateur athletes’ minds, and […]
25 January 2018

Off-Season Swim Block

An off season swim-block is useful for any triathlete, regardless of swim ability.
11 December 2017

A strong core – how to do it and what benefits does it bring?

For several years, endurance athletes have included postural muscles workouts in their preparations. They use Swiss balls, Bosu, TRX and other sophisticated devices for this purpose.
5 December 2017

Have you lost your motivation to train and you want to get it back? Try these 7 effective methods!

There is a thin layer of dust on your bike, and you can see a few kilos more on your scale? The only contact you have […]
15 November 2017

Your goal and its implementation – 6 proven methods!

There are various ways to achieve a sports goal. Sometimes it is possible to tick the intended task, but more often our plans end faster than […]
31 October 2017

Don‘t be afraid of weights!

Strength training in endurance sports has been treated negligently for years. Typically, cyclists or triathletes performed circuit training on machines in the range of 15-20 repetitions […]
16 October 2017

5 things that the best cyclists do in autumn

It might seem that fall is the least significant time of the year in the training cycle. Nothing more wrong
13 September 2017

The primary muscles in cycling – the pedaling cycle

Biceps, quadriceps, calves – seemingly it is almost everything that will allow us to  perform the cycle of pedaling efficiently. Meanwhile, the muscles of the legs […]
13 September 2017

Change these 7 habits that slowly destroy your performance

I was recently training with a friend who once was a local example of perfect shading – lived a vein of heat, showed as much fat […]
13 September 2017

Sleep and cycling. How to combine them if you are an amateur athlete

To improve one’s physical shape is not a matter of fortune-telling. It is a mix of at least four components: training, mind, diet, and recovery. Sleep […]
13 September 2017

Psyche and Racing

Mental attitude is one of the most important elements determining success or failure in sports’ competitions. Setting the right goals, working on self-confidence or the lack […]
13 September 2017

What is the weight-to-power ratio and how to improve yours?

“Only 2 kg  to go and really, I will be stronger.”
13 September 2017

Returning to sports after years of not training- how do I do it?

I am 40 years old, and I have a little more time, I’ve had a ten years break from regular training and a great desire to […]
13 September 2017

7 ways to set the FTP

Probably most of you know what FTP is. The notion of Functional Threshold Power has recently won the minds of riders equipped with power measurement devices. […]
13 September 2017

Trainer – What to eat and drink if you work out at different times of the day?

Cycling under the roof has been gaining popularity during this time of the year. How to eat when you train in the morning, at midday or […]
13 September 2017

6 ways to find motivation for training

The motivation for training, for most of us, is permanently inscribed in our DNA. However, there are days when it is extremely dificult to get up […]
13 September 2017

Do you want to improve your cycling results? Find out these 5 easy principles

There are several training rules, that will guarantee success if you stick to them. Find out these rules and start applying them if you want to […]
13 September 2017

How to win a race?

Autor: Arek Kogut (arek@way2champ.com) When to attack? Which physical features are important? What role does the psyche play? How to win a race? Together with Piotr […]
13 September 2017

Beer and cycling! – facts and myths

Some riders use beer in excess; others abstain from the golden beverage. Many of us, however, like to be tempted by a cold pint after training. […]
11 September 2017

Early Spring or how not to peak too early?

Many athletes frequently fall into the early spring trap and make mistakes in their training process for which they pay during the whole season
17 August 2017

How to ride a bike on a rainy day?

Slippery, wet, cold – for most of us riding in the rain is not a dream come true. Sometimes, however, maneuvering between the raindrops is necessary […]
17 August 2017

Powermeter in the heat of battle

Power measurement not only facilitates precise control of training but also gives you many opportunities to use your advantages in races. Below I present a few […]
17 August 2017

What can you achieve with a power meter? V.2

We continue the list from the previous article. What else can we achieve with a power meter? 7.You may compare yourself with other athletes There are many […]