Morning workout. Ten tips on how to do it.

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17 August 2017

10:46 PM

“I will wake up for a workout tomorrow early morning. This way I will have all day off and I will feel great. I cannot wait”

5:30 AM

Snooze 15min

5:45 AM

Snooze 30min

6:15 AM

“It’s raining today; I will practice it in the evening today.”



If you know this and similar scenarios, then this text is for you. What to do to get up in the morning motivated and ready for training *?


    • Imagine how well you will feel after training
      For many people, such a thought makes it easier to make this difficult decision to get out of bed and go for a workout. Such a small visualization can work wonders
    • Think about your morning coffee and a good breakfastFor me personally, such a thought often makes it easier to get together for morning exercises – starting the day with a cycling espresso (or two), and a nutritious breakfast most probably will effectively put us on our feet.
    • Quit coffee in the evening before going to bedCaffeine consumption less than 6 hours before bedtime disturbs the quality and effectiveness of nighttime rest. The result is that in the morning we can get up tired and without energy.
    • Use an appMany applications  help you wake up effectively, measuring the body’s activity during sleep (shallow/ deep phases) or even imitating daylight.
    • Do not press “snooze.”
      If we have decided to get up earlier, and yet we press “snooze,” we give our mind a signal about the failure of our undertaking. It’s a bad start to the day – sticking to your decisions provides us with a feeling of satisfaction and allows us to change them into a habit.
    • Do not cover the windows
      Waking up naturally with the sunrise has been the proven way to wake up to life for centuries. Of course, this does not apply when you need to get up at 4 am.
    • Put the phone in a different room
      The alarm clock will start ringing a few meters away from you so you will have to get up to turn it off.
    • Set an appointment with someone for the workout
      If we have someone with whom we can regularly train in the morning, making an appointment for training is one of the strongest motivations. We do not want to disappoint anyone, so we usually go out for training. Besides, the company allows you to spend an enjoyable morning.
    • Get some sleep
      We can not go below certain limits. I think that for active athletes, a reasonable minimum is 7 hours of sleep per day, the optimum is 9-10. Let’s not go below the minimum more than 1-2x a week. Not only will it make it difficult to get up earlier in the next few days, but it will also impair the regeneration and the results achieved during training.
    • Prepare for a morning workout in the evening
      Removing small barriers on the way from bed to full training readiness often helps. Preparing clothing, food, bike or meter can help you decide to get up early.
    • Avoid electronics before going to sleepThe screen light disturbs the melatonin secretion process that regulates our sleep. You’d better read a book or talk to your loved ones.

If you still want to do something on electronic devices, then you can use the application that adjusts the screen parameters to the time of the day:

* Note: all tips apply only when their status changes from “one time only” to “habit.” 🙂