Do you want to improve your cycling or triathlon performance? Are you thinking of starting in cycling or triathlon?

If so, there is no better place to start than here. There is one crucial factor that determines why some cyclists and triathletes reach their objectives much faster. Do you know what it is?

Independently of whether you want to start trainingor you are a professional taking part in competitions cooperation with a coach is the key factor in success.

If you have tried and gave up after a couple of months, or had no improvement for a long time, there might be many reasons. The most important one, and one you can change, is having a competent and well-experienced mentor, who will lead you along the best path.

Our coaches can help strengthen your weaknesses and enhance your strengths, to unlock and polish all that’s best in you - to make you satisfied and happy, seeing how your life changes.



Are you sure that your training brings you closer to your objective? Have you ever had the feeling that you don't know how to train? See whether in your situation, it is worth to start working with a coach!









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At Way2Champ the interest of the athlete is primary - your satisfaction is the priority of our daily work.

While we train together, we want the athlete to be the center of attention; the coach is a guide, standing by. We focus on great communication. This is why in our team, we consider that fruitful cooperation between a coach and an athlete as not limited to writing a training plan and analyzing files.

Sport is our passion; it simply gives us wings. We understand coaching to be comprehensive: an injection of inspiration, modelling the way, motivational, and a conversation on whatever subject is relevant whether related to sport or not.

The secrets of our efficiency are our high professional competencies and our vast experience, which translates into a comprehensive approach for each athlete. You may be just starting in multisport or you may be an individual who has already achieved a high level.

We know that in both cases, contacting us will bring mutual and long-term success, through a smart and committed relationship.



  • An experienced coach with a minimum of 10 years of practice and theory in cycling or triathlon, who will build your training plan based on your personal needs and objectives.
  • A motivation for training - someone is looking at what you're doing and will give you feedback on a regular basis
  • A clear vision of where you’re heading - day by day, month after month and year by year
  • An accurate assessment of your present physical fitness
  • Training process oriented on continuous progress
  • You will achieve your sports objectives faster and safer, and you will be able to set further challenges
  • Self-confidence: the improvement of performance will significantly increase your self-esteem!
  • Supervision of a third party - there is always more to see from another perspective
  • Regular communication and feedback on your progress from your coach


Everyone at Way2Champ has been a cyclist or a triathlete for over 10 years, we have significant theoretical and practical experience in coaching, and we know that your performance consists of numerous variables that include nutrition, motivation, fatigue, technique, and equipment. However, physical fitness and psychological approach are the most important among them all.

We will help you become an increasingly stronger athlete. You got it for sure.

See the improvement in performance of individuals of different ages. These graphics present the Power Profile from Training Peaks App which we utilize. The results in these graphics show the maximum powers (5 seconds and 1-5-20-60 minutes). The columns are grouped every 8 weeks.

Here you will see how your physical fitness and possibilities grow weekly. You don't have to be an expert in these graphics as you will notice the results in your daily workouts and most importantly on race days. Additionally, you will notice the benefits for your physical fitness and emotional state.

Does it work? Some people we coach laugh and say that it is a fantastic feeling when you are 40-45 years old, and you are ahead of 20 year-olds. This speaks for itself!

  • Amateur, road cycling

    34 yrs old, 10 months with us
  • Amateur, road cycling

    42 yrs old, 6 months with us
  • Amateur, triathlon

    38 yrs old, 8 months with us
  • Amateur, triathlon

    45 yrs old, 4 months with us
  • Junior, road cycling

    18 yrs old, 6 months with us
  • Elite, road cycling

    27 yrs old, 24 months with us
  • Amateur, MTB

    29 yrs old, 5 months with us


If you’re wondering whether coaching is the right move, you should see the achievements of the athletes we coach. Nothing is as convincing as results and our athletes have numerous accomplishments. It is a source of pride for us to stand by them, observe their progress and applaud them. See our hall of fame and join us.

  • Since the beginning of the cooperation, I have been increasing my sports level on a regular basis - a noticeably higher power at the FTP threshold, greater efficiency and strength - for a short training period, satisfactory sports results. The aspect of substance is impeccable: the great knowledge, the desire to share it and the instant answers to any question about the training make the contact very pleasant and professional. Training is not a regime: all plans are written in a clear and understandable way, along with information about what aspects of the fitness are being practiced.
    Jarosław Habaj
    34 years old, MTB
  • I am very happy with the training plans; my sport level has been increasing thanks to the commitment and professionalism of the coach year after year. I would recommend this form of training to all those for whom the improvement of shape is important regardless of age.
    Tomasz Urbański
    57 lat, szosa/MTB
  • Very agile, effective and efficient method of cooperation. After the first year I felt big progress. I strongly recommend to other sportsmen!
    Dawid Ratajczak
    28 lat, handbike
  • At Way2Champ they are all professionals! I am very pleased with our cooperation because I have been able to improve my results to a significant extent. The workouts are written in a simple and clear way. I received a quick and exhaustive answer to every question. In addition, at Way2Champ everyone is very helpful and always serves good advice. Highly recommended!
    Patrycjusz Urbanek
    33 lata, szosa
  • I have trained with Way2Champ throughout the 2015 season and in the end of 2014. This is not enough time to significantly improve my placing in different races in my case, but enough to notice a clear increase in physical shape. And the results in races are gradually improving as well. What's more, thanks to a carefully selected training, I do not focus on quantity of kilometers but on quality of workouts, I only ride as much as my training plan indicates. The result, more efficient time usage and ... less equipment wear! :-)
    Tomasz Zawada
    34 years old, MTB
  • I have been working with Way2Champ for 2 years now. During this time, Arek has “made” me one of the best cyclist in Polish triathlon. I know this is still not the end, because our cooperation is only starting. Arek is such a valuable source of professional knowledge about cycling and I keep on assimilating this knowledge. We are constantly in touch, we agree on training plans, races and what is most important, my workouts are adjusted to my current time availability. Therefore, I can find the time both for my professional and sports life. I recommend working with Way2Champ to everyone!
    Remigiusz Kot
    43 years old, triathlon
  • I am positive that while working with Way2Champ, my time dedicated to training brings best possible results. I get to find out what this “game” of cycling is all about.
    Maciej Habrat
    34 years old, road cycling
  • Why did I decide to start working with a Way2Champ coach? The first reason is my coach’s UCI certificate. It speaks for itself. The second reason was meeting him in person during a lecture in Veloart bike store. The third one, the experience he had gained when cycling in a Spanish team. This guy has been through a lot. He has a huge knowledge that he keeps on expanding.
    Piotr Szafraniec
    44 years old, road cycling
  • My cooperation with Way2Champ has worked out very well for me. My coach is totally engaged in every detail of his work. I definitely feel I have progressed in many aspects and I look forward to keep on working with him.
    Konrad Tomasiak
    25 years old, road cycling
  • We have been cooperating with Way2Champ since last year. We are constantly in touch, this way I feel I can always get the support I need. My training plan is always ready on time and well prepared. He also knows all about recovery after workouts. We have been working together both on my physical and psychological shape. All I need in one person!
    Paweł Cieślik
    30 years old, Pro cyclist VERVA Active Jet Team
  • To achieve the desired goal in sport, you need to start working with various experts in sports like: coach, nutritionist, sport psychologist, etc. When preparing on our own, we can only win races “around our own house” :)
    Valerjan Romanovski
    41 years old, MTB ultramarathons/ road cycling
  • It’s just great to work with Way2Champ. Training based on the measurement of power, supported by extraordinary training knowledge, led me to a completely different level in sports. I strongly recommend Way2Champ.
    Adam Adamkiewicz
    27 years old, road cycling
  • Since I started to work with Way2Champ, within 1.5 years I progressed from the level of a recreational cyclist with zero training experience, to reaching the podium of the Polish Masters Championships. A smart training plan allowed me to raise the generated power and dump unnecessary body fat, while avoiding overtraining. I definitely recommend Arek to everyone motivated to work on their performance.
    Dominik Kapusta
    30 years old, road cycling



A lot of people who haven’t been coached yet are afraid that they will not find themselves compatible with a coach.

If that is your case, take it easy.

With us, you receive support, step by step guidance and great atmosphere. And because we use the most professional tools to measure your progress, you’re going to notice the results, which you’re going to be proud of, just so.

Your self-confidence and faith in your capabilities will grow. Sounds good?


Arek Kogut and Iñaki de la Parra had the idea to create Way2Champ. Both entrepreneurs and professional coaches with more than ten years of experience as elite athletes each, in their disciplines: Arek in cycling and Iñaki in triathlon.

Arek is one of the biggest cycling enthusiasts in Poland, editor of the training section of the SZOSA magazine and the only certified coach of the UCI (International Cycling Union) in Poland.

Iñaki posesses elite experience both as a coach and professional triathlete. He has been mentored by excellent triathlon coaches from Canada, Australia, USA, and Russia and learned to implement those best practices into his own coaching style.

And most of all: modest guys!

Way2Champ is a well-tuned team of guys, who are ambitious, have their passions and great objectives, just like you. All coaches have at least ten years of experience in endurance sports. They are true cycling and triathlon mind-setters with a positive and winning mentality.

They won’t just throw a training planning at you. Their coaching will also focus on mental preparation. Why?

Cycling and triathlon are but one piece of a multifaceted life. After each kilometer on the road, you will become more self-confident and want to raise your game higher!


N Not much is going to happen. There are thousands of ways to achieve your objectives. But if you have already tried different methods, and found them ineffective, just remember that it is not your fault.

T he truth that it may be the result of a lack of experience and inefficient work methods. The remaining part, i.e., the discouragement, the decline in self-confidence and the lack of motivation are the consequences of that lack of results.

I t is natural, that when you don't get what you want, it causes frustration. How can we change this? Many athletes train on their own and have no results. Nothing changes, and it makes them even more annoyed. It is a problem both for beginners and professional athletes. Nobody likes to be stagnant.

A nd now imagine, that a coach with ten years of experience in motor preparation is monitoring your progress. You have an individually prepared program, fitted to your unique background and expectations.

A nd most importantly - you see yourself developing. Can you imagine how fast you can progress under such circumstances?

Y ou can overcome and avoid injuries, over-training and discouragement. You go and get what you want much faster than others. Remember that the smartest sportsmen make use of experience of even smarter athletes.

S o now you have a choice - you may continue working on your own, and it might take, e.g., three years. Or you may work with us and get the same results in 1 year. Which way do you prefer? You choose.

Do you want to start? This is the next step: