Wojciech Skarżyński

  • Certified Way2Champ coach

I have been involved in cycling since 2003. Initially, it was mountain biking, but soon I switched to road biking. I spent 10 years in amateur and professional teams, getting to know cycling from the inside. After completing the adventure with cycling, the addiction remained. My "addiction" is still active, I am currently looking for my new way, I am trying to combine running with bicycle, maybe in the future I will add swimming to it, who knows.

A coach is a person who understands cycling, who understands the athlete, understands how much effort every kilometer costs, every day. How much time is spent each day away from home. A coach is a person who combines his practical knowledge and experience with the latest training techniques. And above all, a coach is a good friend who will comfort you after losing and will be crazy with joy after your win.