Krzysztof Tracz

  • Coach at Way2Champ, physiotherapist
  • He works at the Veloart cycling store in Krakow as a client's adviser
  • Certified Way2Champ coach

I have been involved in cycling since 2004. I started my cycling adventure with Rafał Majka at the WLKS Krakus club. When I was a junior, after several successes, I signed a contract in Italy, where I raced for two years, gaining huge experience. I spent the next two years in Spain, where I won the Clasica Naxitu race. I spent my last years in competitive cycling in Poland racing in the Wibatech group.

In my opinion, success in cycling is above all hard work while maintaining a balance between private life, professional life and cycling. The coach's experience must serve the mentees so that they can develop through planned training, and during the competition, cross their limits.