Iñaki de la Parra

  • A Mexican living in Poland, with 10 years of coaching experience (triathlon, cycling, martial arts, motor sports, running, swimming)
  • Certificates: Pose Method of Triathlon and Running, USA Track & Field, USA Master Swimmers, Training Peaks, TRX Suspension, BMW Certified Driver, Porsche Certified Master Driver
  • He coaches amateurs and professionals, including triathletes preparing for Tokyo 2020
  • Active competitor of UltraMan (10km swim, 420km bike, 84km run), a race that takes places during 3 consecutive days.

For me our athletes are at the center of our interest, which is why we support them using the best knowledge and technology. Professional support is our priority.

Life is about joy. If you are able to get out of your comfort zone, magic will happen and you will finally feel that you are alive! Our goal is to be happy and to inspire others to get the best out of themselves. Endurance sports help develop a special bond on the body-mind line. Set goals, have determination to implement them, surround yourself with professionals, be smart and patient, and you will become stronger as an athlete and as a human.