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If you got here because you want to start your cycling adventure, let us applaud your decision. However, the stories of our clients often look a little bit different. For example: yes, you bought a professional-level bike for the price of a small car, and you have now experienced one of two scenarios. Either you don’t train enough, or you overtrain, and you haven’t seen any significant progress at all.

How we know that? We have helped hundreds of cyclists who have faced similar challenges. A lot of people declare that they want to train systematically while losing kilos of weight. They want to achieve their athletic goals, but without the help of a coach, it can be very difficult to achieve concrete results.

The monthly cost of training under the supervision of a professional coach costs around 250-400 USD/EUR and more. For most of us this is too much for our needs. 

Our team of Way2Champ professional cycling coaches with UCI level experiecen has prepared a solution that sits between devising your own training programme and personal expensive work with individual coaches.


With the Cycling Training Plan for Beginners:

you will train your cycling according to the training art and make tremendous progress in a short time
You'll beat the average speeds on routes where you keep riding the same and see no progress
you will start training immediately consciously, thanks to the science-based and 20 years of experience training plans
if you like competition, you will be able to beat your colleagues who are now a bit better than you, thanks to which you will feel strong and your self-confidence will increase
you will combine training with a proven nutrition (60 proven examples of a cycling diet for every day - a total of 300 meals), which will make your body slimmer, thanks to which you will see clearer muscles on your legs and you will throw off your belly a bit, which your friends will surely notice and you will feel better on your own looking in the mirror
you will avoid the feeling of boredom and frustration, because you will not go out on the bike again along the same route, at the same pace, and you will not wonder if it gave you something or not when it comes to getting in shape
you will no longer have to wonder if today it is better to do intervals, endurance or maybe rest, because the cycling plan for beginners solves this problem
you will get a simple form for determining your individual training zones based on the measurement of heart rate and power, with an explanation of how you will feel in each zone, so that it is easier for you to start the correct training


is a lover of road cycling or MTB and wants to improve his results

he is focused on his goals: losing weight, improving cycling performance, building performance and speed

has a bike and wants to ride faster, but doesn’t know what to do next and needs support in terms of effective cycling training

he wants to avoid mistakes in training and the frustration associated with it

Why to trust us

get to know Way2Champ coaches

The Cycling Training Plan for Beginners was created by practitioners and coaches with 20 years of experience. We have built the whole thing ourselves and we sign the plans with both hands.

we are a team united by love for cycling. Thanks to this, each of us is involved at 120%, and this translates into the effects of our athletes.

90% of our clients achieve a large or very large increase in form after just 3 months of cooperation.

each of us is a certified cycling coach and some are even UCI coaches

We systematically run social media in which we share our knowledge and strategies free of charge.

We promise that if you follow our training programme, you will improve your performance by 10-20% in the first few months of cooperation

On Facebook alone, you can find over 85 opinions from Poland and internationally. Our average score is 5.0 – and we work to maintain it!

our coaching certificates:

Meet Our Coaching Team

Arkadiusz Kogut

Way2Champ founder and cycling coach, UCI cycling coach, training blogger, his mission in the company is to improve people`s lifes through sport.

Robert Radosz

Polish Cycling Federation coach, Way2Champ cycling coach, former professional cyclist, medalist in the Polish championships, rode for Team Poland during the World Championships in Plouay.


Krystian Piróg

Way2Champ cycling trainer, Polish Cycling Federation coach, experienced rider and bikefitter.


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Cycling Training Plan for Begginers


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No, on the contrary – the offer is aimed at beginners who so far had little to do with systematized cycling training, and would like to ride faster and harder.

All trainings are for you with lifetime access through the Training Peaks platform.

Yes, this is possible with the Premium Training Peaks version, which is free in the first 14 test days and then costs $ 9.9 / month when purchased for a year.

Already after the first 3-4 weeks or sooner, depending on the current level of training (the lower, the faster the effects are visible).

If you have a Garmin, Wahoo or other computer, you will need the free application of their manufacturers to use training on these devices.

Yes, of course, the workouts are written so that you can easily use them on platforms such as Zwift, Rouvvy and others, or simply implement training assumptions by spinning on the trainer without the application.

There is no access to coaching care, which is reserved for clients using individual coaching. Nevertheless, the instructions provided are sufficient for all beginner cyclists to raise their sports level.

You will be redirected to a secure website with dotpay payments, from which you can choose a convenient one-time payment method.

Yes, each training plan has two training versions – with power measurement and with heart rate measurement.


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