Anna Szafraniec

  • Certified Way2Champ coach
  • PZKol (Polish Cycling Association) cycling instructor
  • 20 years of cycling experience as a competitor of professional teams and national team

I have been involved in cycling since 1995 when I first took part in cycling competitions. After a year of training, I won the Polish Championship in mountain biking and I became a part of the national team where I competed for 19 years. I won the first World Championships medal in mountain biking for Poland, the first world champion t-shirt, the first medal of the world championships and the title of a team world champion. In my coaching work I would like to use the many years of experience gained in my professional career and opportunities I had to work with people like Marek Galiński. I would like to help other athletes achieve the highest sporting goals.

The road to success is primarily a well-designed training plan, its implementation, proper recovery, nutrition and faith in success. I hope that thanks to this “way,” together we will reach the top of your possibilities!